My Courses

Frontiers in Biodiversity Measurement (University of Maryland, Fall 2021)

This 1-credit graduate seminar surveys cutting-edge tools for quantifying and comparing biodiversity. We dig into issues surrounding detection, sampling intensity, and scale. One graduate student leads discussion and shares worked examples in R during each weekly meeting.

Drawing: Sasha Mendez

Pollination Ecology (Rutgers University, Spring 2019)

In this 4-credit course (cross listed Entomology and Ecology, fulfills lab requirement for Biology) students read and discussed papers that highlight current questions and debates in pollination ecology. They created Wikipedia articles documenting pollinator taxa, publication-quality figures, and novel statistical methods. For the lab section, students analyzed pollinator interaction data in R.

General Ecology (Rider University, Fall 2018)

In this 4-Credit Course (required for Biology and Environmental Science) students explored key paradigms and sub-disciplines within Ecology. The lab section was 100% field-based.

Pollination Ecology (Millsaps College and Freedom Summer Collegiate, Summer 2017)

This non-traditional 1-credit summer course engaged Freedom Fellows in pollination ecology to develop scientific inquiry skills. Five days a week for the month of June, two sections met for lectures, labs, field work, and discussion at the Freedom Projects in Rosedale and Sunflower, MS.